Centro La Paz Teachers

Vivienne Miranda


vivi-1Vivienne has been practicing Iyengar yoga from a young age and has maintained her practice as the owner of Centro La Paz, LLC. Now teaching Sampoorna Hatha Yoga (500 RYT) , Restorative (50  RYT) , Ashtanga Vinyasa Rocket Yoga (50 RYT)  & Kids Yoga (15 RYT) since 2010 as a member of the Yoga Alliance. A massage therapist since 2006, Vivienne focuses her work on a therapeutic experience. Working with each individual she integrates Swedish, Deep Tissue, Rolfing, Shiatsu, Chinese Acupressure, Cupping and Aromatherapy into her sessions. She is licensed through the Puerto Rico Massage Board and a professional member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) since 2006. Vivienne is a Certified Doula (Birth & Post Partum) with Doula Caribe of Puerto Rico since 2013. Certified in Mat Pilates with Power Pilates as of 2016,  as a compliment to current therapeutic work.  Vivienne was one of the founding members of the Rincón Farmers Market in 2008, began the organic school garden at Escuela Genoveva Perez, Rincon in 2015 and is co-owner of the agroforestry conservation project, FINCA HEKITI, in Las Marías.  In constant action within her life, diet and holistic lifestyle choices.

Massages, Private Yoga/Pilates & Doula Services by appointment at 787.315.9697



Caitlin Lawson


Caitlin graduated from the University of North Florida in December of 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication. It was in college where Caitlin discovered yoga and quickly fell in love with the mind-body benefits of the practice. After finishing school she received her RYT-200 through an official Baptiste Power Vinyasa Inspired studio and is now living in Rincon, Puerto Rico where she teaches yoga and surfs as much as possible. Caitlin believes that Vinyasa yoga and surfing go hand-in-hand and credits both practices to teaching her how to truly live life in the present moment. When there are no waves, Caitlin enjoys writing, painting, snorkeling and paddling. Caitlin is a certified SUP Yoga teacher through Paddle Into Fitness and holds her WPA Level 1 and USLA/First Aid Certifications. Keep up with Caitlin and her adventures over on her blog: Sunburnt & Salty.





Ricardo Albarracín




Ricardo is a full time Agronomist working in preservation and conservation in the Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge, in addition to his practice with Sampoorna Hatha Yoga. Thankful for this opportunity to share and grow in his own practice within his beloved Rincon yoga community and hoping to inspire his fellow Boricua brother surfers to join him in another form of meditation through movement, as is with his other passion bodyboarding.  Life partner to Vivienne Miranda, he fathers two sons and is a proud co-founder of the Rincon Farmers Market.





Luna Cabrera



Luna A. Cabrera Suárez, from Puerto Rico, after attending University of Puerto Rico decided to make her passion for Yoga a profession. In early 2016 she studied Progressive Ashtanga Yoga under David Kyle and achieved her certification with Yoga Alliance. Also had the opportunity to practice with Michael Gannon, who practiced with Sir. K. Pattabhi Jois for 10 years. While practicing Ashtanga, Luna also added to her resume a Yoga for Kids certification, as a way to create awareness and physical motivation for kids.
Luna started her interest in teaching yoga while traveling and doing community service abroad. While traveling through Central America and United States she made it a priority to help and get in touch with the community. She realized that yoga was a perfect activity to bring people from all over the world together and one that helps individuals grow spiritually and get in touch with their body. She has worked with numerous community projects like Simper Vivas, Iniciativa Comunitaria, Limpieza de Playas, various senior centers and more.
Her goal is to teach and spread knowledge of yoga and share yogas health and wellness through mindful self awareness, self caring and self management. She believes that sharing the joy of yoga will improve communities skills for deepening their relationship with themselves and each other, ultimately making the world a better, happier, and healthier place.



Maria Keller





Maestra de Kundalini Yoga










Coral Morales



With the desire to return to Puerto Rico and give back, I moved to Rhode Island to attend Johnson & Wales University and obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management. As a classical ballet dancer for over 12 years, I found comfort in movement and music. A move to Boston exposed me to floga, a type of yoga where yoga, dance, and core strengthening are combined to create a flow. The physical and psychological benefits of this practice encouraged me to go deeper and learn more about yoga. An unexpected life turn sent me to San Diego where I had the honor to volunteer for 6 months for Invisible Children, a non­profit organization that drastically changed my life. This experience led me to discover the power of vulnerability and the strength of the human spirit. After experiencing gifts of yoga and volunteering (Karma Yoga) I felt ready to further my practice. I enrolled in CorePower’s Power Yoga 200­Hour Teacher Training and became a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance with the deep desire to share my passion with others. Now that life has placed me back in my hometown, my intention is to use asana, meditation and pranayama as a vehicle for mental and physical health and enhanced awareness. My main goal is to connect with my students to create a class that fits their needs so they can leave their mat feeling refreshed and renewed. Yoga makes us more vulnerable therefore making the practice an expression of the soul, peeling off layers and leading us to our truest self.  RYT ­ 200 Hrs.



Dr. Chelsea Harms-Tuohy






Dr. Chelsea Harms-Tuohy is a marine scientist, residing in Puerto Rico since 2011. She was certified as an alignment-based core power yoga instructor in 2014. As a scientist, Chelsea has a particular interest in how yoga can benefit the health of the mind, body and soul. She teaches Power Hour of Yoga on Fridays, her classes place an emphasis on alignment and she guides students through powerful sequences designed to strengthen and tone the body, and release the mind.






Michelle Vazquez



To Michelle, Yoga is life, full awareness, transformation, inner healing and a new beginning. Around six years go Michelle practiced various martial arts such as Krav Maga and Muay Thai. It was when she was looking for a different physical activity that she approached the Samadhi Yoga Ayurveda Institute were she got certified as a Yoga Instructor 200 RYT. It was such a transformational experience and Michelle even met the father of their son at the Yoga Institute. Together, Michelle and her partner have created YOGAMAR, a non-for-profit organization that is committed toward the social welfare. Their mission is to provide an alternative healthy life benefits. With that in mind, they decided to move to a place near the sea, and now call Rincon home. After giving birth, Michelle started a 85 hours course in Prenatal Yoga. Now the Yoga is no longer a practice of asanas, but a vocation in her life.









Ana McNulty-Romaguera


Ana was first introduced to yoga in her early teens and regularly began practicing a few years later. She fell in love with the way this practice helped her transform her life. Her favorite quote that has really stuck with her is “when you change the way to look at things the things you look at change.” Yoga allowed Ana to experience that shift in perspective. She completed her 200 teacher training in February 2015 and has been teaching regularly ever since. Ana’s practice and teaching includes a variety of styles from power vinyasa to restorative to help bring balance to the practice. Besides yoga, she also loves anything outside from hiking to rock climbing to camping or relaxing on the beach. Moving to Puerto Rico has been a life long dream of hers. She grew up visiting every year with her family since her mom is from Mayaguez. Ana is so glad to be able to share this practice that she loves in this place she loves. She feels like she is truly living her dream.



Cristina Moreno


A local from the exquisite town of Rincon, Puerto Rico, Cristina was fortunate to grow up by the lush palm trees and ocean. An avid surfer, she was naturally a child of the sun and sea. Inspiration by her wonderful mother and growing up on this gorgeous island has led Cristina to follow her heart and intuition to live her life as authentically, beautiful, and healthy as possible. With growing awareness over physical and spiritual balance, Cristina was motivated to explore mindful eating, yoga, and detoxification of the body. In 2014 Cristina became a certified Colon Hydrotherapist through Network Colonic School in San Antonio, Texas and in 2016 became certified by I-ACT (International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy) Foundational Level 1. Through Colonics, Cristina has personally enhanced her health and well being and is grateful to offer this rejuvenating and cleansing service to anyone seeking to detoxify their mind and body in a natural and drug-free way. Cristina is also a PADI dive master and a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher.


Molly Pizzo

16343873_10208167183637680_1227338727_nA lover of movement, growing up as a dancer and figure skater, Molly first came to her mat in her teens seeking an alternative form of exercise. She quickly fell in love with the mind-body connection that the practice taught her and she has been practicing yoga ever since. In 2014 she traveled to Bali, Indonesia to complete her 200 hour certification through YogaWorks. Since then she has been traveling the globe from Southeast Asia to Europe, Africa and Central America, learning and practicing different forms of yoga. Inspired by the continual spiritual growth and break throughs that she has discovered through her practice, Molly believes that yoga is about using the physical body to access our spiritual bodies and ultimately become our authentic selves. She sees yoga as a lifestyle and inspires her students to allow the practice to seep into and transform every part of their lives. Her classes are both challenging and playful with an emphasis on alignment and she encourages you to explore your body in a mindful and compassionate way.


Colleen Hennessy



Colleen is a student and teacher of yoga and meditation through the lineage of Paramhansa Yogananda. She is passionate about the practice and its power to transform people into happy, healthy, conscious beings! She has studied all over the world and is elated to be sharing this knowledge with the community of Rincon. Colleen feels extremely blessed to have landed in this beautiful paradise and can be found around town playing music, snorkeling, and enjoying the many gifts of Puerto Rico!






Kathleen Mumma


Kathleen’s goal as a yoga instructor is to help students live better in their own bodies.  She teaches with focused cues on breath, alignment and anatomy.  Kathleen enjoys teaching to all levels and especially helping beginning students develop their practice.  Her class is a safe and compassionate place to cultivate awareness. Kathleen has completed 450 hours of training and mentorship at PURE Yoga in New York City and is honored to have studied under Tanya Boulton, Kay Kay Clivio, Yogi Charu, Dana Slamp and Kate Kuss.  She has also completed Gil Hedley’s Somanautics program and Level 1 training in Jill Miller’s Yoga TuneUp® method   She is currently studying to become a Restorative Exercise Specialist with biomechanist Katy Bowman. Kathleen is inspired and humbled daily by all of her past and present teachers and students.




Adi Carter



Adi has been a life long student of practicing yoga off the mat in all shapes and forms especially when it involves being outdoors. Her passion for movement and the environment have taken her on countless adventures around the world and she currently travels and teaches as part of the YogaSlackers & created the Redefining Balance series and retreats to share the modalities of shifting perspective through yoga, slacklining, AcroYoga, climbing, surfing, mountain biking and just about anything else you can think to do on the Earth’s terrain. Traveling & teaching often times with her car as a home base, you can find her somewhere in the vicinity of an ocean, climb site, mountain or legit climbing tree as she works with students on and off the mat to discover a new sense of balance, strength and focus in whatever their form of practice might be.

Adi’s adventures and environmental awareness endeavours have been featured in The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Outdoor Japan, New York Magazine, National Geographic, L.A. Yoga, Yoga + Joyful Living, Urban Climber, elephant journal, Current TV and TIME for CNN. www.adicarter.com // www.redefiningbalance.com