Reiki, Lifestyle Counseling + Hypnotherapy

Reiki, Lifestyle Counseling + Hypnotherapy (by Appointment Only)


We welcome Petra Parvati V. Rivera Meedt, clinical hypnotherapist, yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. petraShe completed graduate studies in anthropology (M.A.) and counseling psychology (M.S.) and has been teaching classes about healthy living at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Aguada and at Oficina Carmen Capella in Isabela. She specializes in using nutritional coaching, relaxation techniques and basic yoga asanas to help clients manage anxiety and other mental disorders. As Creative Director of ArteSanarte, Inc. (501(c)3 Non-for-profit) she has been collaborating with other local and international organizations to empower local farmers, organizations and individuals that work together to increase social and environmental consciousness in Puerto Rico.

Hypnotherapy (1 1/2 hours) $77
Reiki (45 minutes) $55
Lifestyle Counseling (30 minutes) $44

Contact Information: 939-402-0680