Pranayama + Yoga Workshop Series – Sep 23

About This Project

Saturday, September 23rd at 11am-1pm
Pranayama is the practice of controlling or regulating the breath or lifeforce energy (prana) in order to increase lung capacity, vitality, and overall wellbeing. This 2 hr workshop with some asana is a breath-based practice to teach proper technique of a variety of breath practices used for breathing in poses, cleansing, energizing, calming and meditation. Includes kapalbhati, ujjayi, brahmeri, nadi shodhana, shitali, and 3 part yogic breath, as well as info about using breath during physical postures.
We will also address the use of bhandas (energy locks) and mudras as they relate to the breath.

– Saturday, October 21
– Saturday, November 18
– Saturday, December 16

COST $15 per person