Pilates Equipment Teacher Training with Rose Tan – Jan 22-27, 2018

About This Project

In the tradition of Joseph Pilates’ philosophy of Contrology, classic exercises and choreography are interpreted in a more ¨mindful¨ level of physical movement. Focus, intention and purpose create a clean slate for mind, body, and thoughtful habits to develop.

Mindful movements are the primary focus to break patterns, compensations, and unhealthy habits, on every level, as a method to strengthen, rehabilitate or stabilize the physical and mental body. Asanarose Pilates Studio’s mission and curriculum is to allow the teacher/student to discover who they are on this journey of training others, to live on a more thoughtful level of existence.

It is our goal at Asanarose Pilates Studio to graduate Pilates instructors who can take themselves out of the equation in their teaching, becoming egoless, and put their students’ health, happiness, and well-being in the forefront of their teaching program, making each and every practice fresh and fun!


Dates: January 22-27 from 9am-3pm daily
Cost: $1400 per person
Deposit to Secure Spot: $200; non-refundable after a week before the Training
*Payments can be made leading up to the training but must be paid in full by the start date.
**Payments can be made via PayPal to info@lapazrincon.com; ATH Movil to 787-823-2885; or paid in person at Centro La Paz

FOR QUESTIONS CONTACT ROSE TAN at asanarose@gmail.com