Breath.Spine.Core Workshop with Clay – April 29

About This Project

Breath. Spine. Core.
A modern approach to ancient practices.
Sunday, April 29 // 9:30am-12:30pm // Centro La Paz

Come learn about your breath- how it works and how to work with it. In this three hour intro-class, you’ll learn how the muscles and motions of proper breathing can create spinal support through core-engagement strategies and optimal posture. Fusing fundamental taiji exercises with current theories of osteopathic, orthopedic, and exercise science, this class is a modern approach to ancient practices. As stated in the taiji classics, “In motion, there is stillness. In stillness, there is motion.” Learn how to embody this timeless wisdom into your daily flow.

Topics covered:

– The fluid breath: how proper breathing improves circulation and creates fluid-pressures within the body- and how to fuse these internal motions into your external movements to increase strength, health, and vitality.
– We’ll breakdown the breath-cycle into fundamental parts to see how the binary code of inhale/exhale – contract/relax can be applied differently in different situations- from surfing to training to everyday life.
– Fundamentals of spinal health and motion.
– And a few key points on integrating Breath.Spine.Core. into Hatha Yoga practices.

COST: $20 pre-register (pre-pay) or $25 day-of


Clay Germano has studied with a lot of great teachers, West and East, past and present. As a lifelong waterman, the ocean has been his greatest source of learning and inspiration. Check out to learn more about Clay’s background in the healing, martial, and movement arts, and about his orthopedic bodywork practice in Rincón, Puerto Rico.