Ayurvedic Consultations + Chiropractic

Ayurvedic Consultation

(by Appointment Only)

With primary focus on diagnosing complex cases involving multiple systems and fresh from a 2 year course in Internal Medicine, Dr. Miller utilizes detailed case history, past lab work and exam finding to get to the case of your condition.  Insightful additional lab testing or special diagnostics may be ordered.  A treatment plan, using lifestyle changes, special diets, neutraceuticals, herbs and essential oils, combined with physical treatments such as bodywork and chiropractic adjustments is discussed with you and agreed upon.  Follow up visits and testing will track your progress.

Dr. Miller is also a practitioner of Ayurveda, the Medicine of Yoga.  He practices, with his wife, Light Miller, Vidya, together they have authored 5 books and administer an online and hands-on College of Ayurveda for Wellbeing.

Areas of Practice: Thyroid and other Endocrine imbalances, Auto-Immune Disease, Digestive Disorders, Allergies, Yeast Overgrowth, Pressurepoint work, Ayurvedic Pulse assessment, TMJ, Pancha Karma, Kaya Kalpa, Shiro Dhara and many Ayurvedic treatments.

Philosophy: The Body knows how to heal itself, if toxins/blockages are removed and nutrients provided.
For appointment call 941-806-7213 or email earthess@aol.com